ARTIST FEATURE: How this Young Creative “In The Zone”

Kyla Caparas

There’s no particular manual about the fundamentals on creativity that will perfectly match our visions and style when making art – no guidebook, no anything – and maybe it’s just our creative instincts that we can count on. In all likelihood, painting, taking photographs, writing pieces and film directing are the most challenging pursuits to find inspiration for; and sometimes our minds can’t help but to slack off, and our drive to create eventually dies down. Making art is a big gamble indeed, most especially when you can’t get in the zone.

We asked this artist about her creative process.

Roan Alvarez, 21, Painter

UP Diliman, Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Painting

“Creating works of art, however, require a process or a number of processes driven by introspection. My process and growth as an artist revolves around research and development of an idea, which involves several trials and not to mention errors. My work is foremost about new media technologies and it’s relationship with our identities. I usually start with a premise, an observation (usually on the mundane,) or a personal experience, then develop a deep interest in that idea, which then lead to research and sometimes another interesting idea during conceptual development. I then translate it into my own artistic expression, which is often influenced by its tropes. It is a bit of an investigative work and a process of discovery and exploration— It is an experiment in itself and not everything is planned. There’s a lot of how’s and why’s during the process, even until the work is finished, these questions still progress afterwards. But I just work. I work and I get things done.”

To The Nth Power – 2015


Domesticated Paradise – 2014


Digital Slur I and II – 2016


Ones and Zeroes -2016


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