Anyone with at least 5,000 followers can now cover the activities of President Rodrigo Duterte

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If you’re 18 years of age with at least 5,000 followers, you can now cover the activities of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Meaning, even if you just bought yourself some fake followers, you can try out to become an actual social media practitioner for P-Diggy.

The section 5 requirements state:

Social Media accreditation shall be issued to a Filipino Citizen who is at least eighteen (18) years of age, with not less than five thousand (5,000) followers in any social media platform.”

Business Mirror reporter Jah Rosales broke the news through the two images, saying:

JUST IN: Anyone 18 years of age and with at least 5,000 followers on social media can now cover the activities of the President. And yes, that includes even those without knowledge of media ethics and beat dynamics.

Someone said they didn’t see nothing wrong with it, stating, “You guys want more ‘legit’ media coverages, then this is it. Porket bang napaka simple lang ng requirements masama na agad?”

Then again, Facebook user Clarice Joy Tuble countered this, saying: “I’m sorry but you really can’t see what’s wrong with this? This is an insult to Communication and Journalism students who strived hard to get a diploma. And then someone will impose a bill that says anyone with a bunch of followers on social media can be a legit journalist?’

“The purpose of this order is to provide an interim system of accreditation for social media participation to cover special events attended by the President, in order to generate news and information for the citizenry through social media platforms,” Secretary Martin Andanar of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) said on Tuesday.

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