AMA Online Education offers first full online Senior High School program in the Philippines

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The introduction of the K-12 program in 2012 marked a landmark reform in our local education system. Headlined by its Senior High School (SHS) curriculum, the K-12 system aims to create well-rounded graduates, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge that can prepare them for their preferred careers.

Understanding the need to integrate technology in the country’s evolving education landscape, AMA Online Education (AMAOEd) recently introduced the country’s first full online SHS program. AMA OEd’s SHS program, which follows the standard K-12 curriculum, will offer Senior High School students three tracks or specializations: Accounting and Business Administration (ABM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMMS), and General Academics (GA).

AMA OEd’s SHS program offers students the opportunity to explore and realize their potential as they prepare for more advanced university courses or future employment. Students who opt to focus on Accounting and Business Administration will learn the basic principles of economics, accounting and finance to prepare them for running businesses and being on the helm of a top corporation.

Students who focus on Humanities and Social Sciences will be exposed to a variety of subjects that develop communication and reasoning skills for a career in the field of mass communication, public relations, and market research. Meanwhile, those who opt for the General Academic track will be exposed to a more liberal education through a diverse list of courses from multiple disciplines that will allow them to pursue a baccalaureate degree in other major fields of specialization.

Integrated in AMA OEd’s Learning Management System (LMS), senior high students will be able to access course modules within the comforts of their own home, at their own time. Through instructional course videos that replicate classroom interactions through a chat and feedback system, collaboration between fellow students, and consultation with teachers are within arms’ reach. Diverse and digitized content aimed to comprehensively equip students with resource materials are also within reach.

“At AMA, it is our mission to make 21st century learning and education available to everyone. With today’s students comprised of mainly digital natives, it is only proper to adapt and introduce a full online Senior High School program on AMA Online Education. Our full online alternative gives digital natives the option to pursue quality education while honing essential digital skills that will help them thrive in the workplace of the future,” says Dr. Amable C. Aguiluz IX, CEO of AMA Education System.

Established as the country’s first full online education that offers full degree programs in the Philippines, AMA OEd also offers a wide array of short courses that equip students with soft skills in programming, graphic design, or even journalism. Be part of the country’s first full online SHS program, visit to learn more about how AMA can help you get one step closer to your dream career.

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