The world moves towards the digital realm and we’re the generation at the forefront of that movement. We arm ourselves with the Internet that has become the instrument that informs, inspires and provokes the pvblic.

We are the voice of the pvblic. We aim to inspire people and champion worthy causes. It’s all about starting, encouraging and fueling conversations about gender, sex, drugs, individualism, politics, cultures, doggos (we love pussies, too) – anything and everything that will move us as a society.

We are goal-oriented game changers. We uphold freedom and resonate positivity. This is our movement.

#JoinTheMovement and be one with the pvblic!


Chris Egan Roxas

He is the founder and CEO of XS Multimedia. He is fascinated with skulls. A life long fan of music, arts and culture. He has 10 cats and always passionate about life, concepts, creativity, business and making things happen.

Christopher Star
Marketing Director

His last name explains exactly what he is — a startup rockstar who has helped startups launch, acquire new users and expand into new markets across Southeast Asia. He loves to travel and meet new people and do marketing talks, and is also a taekwondo black belter.

Sharmaine Lopez
Internal Management Executive

A work in progress.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

Micah Morta
Web Developer

Your friendly neighborhood web developer. Caffeine runs in her blood. PHP is her second language and food makes her feel satisfied.

Gil Cadiz
Editor in Chief

Gil Cadiz is the Editor in Chief of We the Pvblic. He’s a sucker for human interest stories and considers reading as his second religion. He’s passionate about travel and theater, and easily enthralled by the sound of a violin.

Gelo Lasin
Content Writer

A fierce advocate of the Big Three: beer, pizza and Netflix.

“Live a life of ‘oh wells’ rather than a life of ‘what-ifs'”

Margaux Madamba
Brand Liaison Executive

A walking contradiction and ice cream enthusiast who values learning and sleeping.

Margaux makes the most out of every opportunity given to her with the strong belief that every opportunity will shape her to become a better person.

Xev Balugay
Multimedia Artist

So no one told me life was gonna be this way 👏 👏 👏 👏


Creative Staff

Bryann Estrella
Benny Kathlen Piso
Kurt Zylone C. Ramil