4 Reel loves of Gerald Anderson’s life

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There’s something magical about an on-screen kiss. The most iconic silver screen couplings generate such potent chemistry that sizzles between the reel life and real life.

Gerald Anderson is one of today’s most eligible bachelors. On the big screen, the actor-athlete has paired up with equally-inspiring leading ladies creating blockbuster romantic moments in Philippine cinema.

Check out the four reel loves of Gerald Anderson’s life:


Till my heartaches end

Till My Heartaches End (2010) is afresh take on lovers torn between love and career with Agnes (Kim Chui) and Paolo (Gerald Anderson). Smart and idealistic Agnes pursues her nursing board exams in the hopes of moving abroad. Paolo is a career-driven man out to prove he can rise above his status in life.

The moment these two saw each other at a café, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Throughout their relationship, Agnes supports Paolo with his career trajectory from being a hopeless job seeker to becoming a real estate wonder boy.

Agnes yearns for simpler days though as Paolo grows distant and ultimately makes the choice between pursuing his dreams and preserving their relationship.It is heart wrenching but through it all, the docile Agnes maintains her impenetrable idealism that leads to her growth and maturity.


gerald andersonNeed an antidote to the bitter heart? In Won’t Last A Day Without You (2011),DJ Heidee (Sarah Geronimo) is the resident heartbreak DJ of a top-rating radio program. She is confident and outspoken—having personally experienced being cheated on, she cautions all those who seek her advice on air.

’Di bale nang bitter if bitter is better!”, she tells her listeners. In the process of getting playboy Andrew Escalona (Gerald Anderson)back together with his girlfriend, Andrew and Heidee form an unlikely bond, bickering and poking fun at each other.

Inevitably, they begin to feel an attraction towards each other. With a realist outlook in life, coupled with her bubbly personality, Heidee proves that overcoming heartbreak can bring one to love again.


how to be yoursWill you choose career over love? How To Be Yours (2016) poses this question and introduces us to Anj (Bea Alonzo), a self-trained cook who dreams of establishing herself in the restaurant world, and Niño (Gerald Anderson), a sales agent on a stable path. With similar principles on life and aspirations, they start a seemingly ideal relationship but eventually form differences in priorities.

As Anj consumes herself with work and achieves rapid success, Niño attempts to stay supportive while struggling to keep his own career afloat, causing a major rift between them.

In the end, Anj proves in modern times, one may have to struggle but at the end, one doesn’t have to choose. Her passion drives her ambition but love is what drives her passion in life.


can we still be friendsIn Can We Still Be Friends (2017) Sam (Arci Munoz) and Diego (Gerald Anderson) have been together for almost eight years. Sam is adventurous and fun-loving and Diego is chill and happy-go-lucky—a match made in heaven!

But as time passed, Sam grew unhappy and discontented with Diego’s perpetually jobless status, slacking off in domestic chores, as well as his lack of plans to propose. Throughout the breakup and odd post-breakup friendship, Sam tries her best to keep a cheerful and brave face.

Eventually, Sam and Diego patched things up, realizing that every relationship is unique and every successful relationship is imperfect.

As modern day cinematic heroines, Agnes, Heidee, Anj and Sam, individually unique and effervescent, represent all the wonderful real life qualities of a lady who Gerald Anderson is attracted to. If you’re dreaming of being his next leading lady, we’ve got an exciting piece of real world news!

Gerald, together with global brand Skechers, is on the lookout for that ideal woman who encapsulates these qualities: transcending reel to reality.

In #SkechersXGeraldSoleMate, Gerald Anderson searches for someone who can match his stride.

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