3 Nostalgic games you hope to see on the revamped Nokia 3310

We The Pvblic

Nokia’s HMD Global has finally announced a revamped look on the Nokia 3310, which now is in the present digital world with a colored screen, presented in multiple bright colors at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 in Barcelona.


According to Yugatech, the Nokia 3310 will be available in the following colors: Warm Red (Glossy), Dark Blue (Matte), Yellow (Glossy), and Grey (Matte) colors for roughly P2400.

Arto Nummela aka the CEO of HMD claimed that the new 3310 will have a battery life of 22 hours, and it most likely is capable of surviving nearly a month of standby time only on a single charge.

But here’s what the pvblic really wants: the nostalgic games we used to play.

1. Snake


A classic game we never got tired of each and every time we died because we knew we could face the music and face the growing size of our snake.

2. Space Impact


Space Impact was one of the most challenging things we had to get across during the glory days of the Nokia 3310 but we always came back for more.

3. Bantumi


You never really understood how it worked but you’d still be thankful to see it on the new revamped 3310.