15 Playstation 1 games that will make you feel nostalgic AF

TJ Zialcita

Sometimes, when the adulting gets tough, reliving certain things from our childhood can be therapeutic. And nothing says childhood like a long ass list of some of our favorite playstation 1 video games!!

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1. Crash Bandicoot

After last year’s announcement of its upcoming remake for the Playstation 4, Crash Bandicoot is easily one of the games that comes to mind when talking about the PS1. Who doesn’t miss dodging giant boulders with this humanized bandicoot alongside the island witchdoctor, Aku Aku!

2. Final Fantasy VII

For most of us who are still loyal followers to the Final Fantasy franchise, this was the installation that started it all. Following the group of former 1st class SOLDIER Cloud Strife, you are on a quest to save the planet’s lifestream from the Shinra Electric Power Company.

3. Final Fantasy VIII

Now if you’re not familiar with Final Fantasy VII, then Final Fantasy VIII is probably the installation that got you hooked on the series. And who can blame you? This episode in the series probably had the most engaging character line up in my personal opinion. I mean, who didn’t have a crush on Squall Leonhart, am I right?

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Soooo dreamyyy~

4. Metal Gear Solid

This game franchise is still well and alive in the Playstation 4 today. However, despite its tremendous growth over the years, sometimes you still find yourself going back to the first game that started it all. Following Solid Snake through every mission would always have you on edge of your seat back then, especially with their trademark sound effect for being spotted by the enemy would alert.


5. Tekken

Now if we’re straying on the topic of combat games for the playstation, the Tekken series is definitely a frontrunner. Getting to unlock each character’s backstory as they competed in the Iron Fist tournament was always a real treat for any gamer back then.

6. Tomb Raider

Lara Croft was undoubtedly an icon for all the ladies back then. And as the industry of video games continues to grow, we’re glad to see this game continues to develop as well. (But really the best part of this was getting to explore her sick mansion I mean come on!)

7. The Resident Evil Series

While there have been countless zombie games developed over time, there hasn’t really been one that has come close to the Resident Evil franchise. To this day, their name is an institution in the zombie industry. And while countless installations have come out since the first one was released, we still love us some Jill Valentine! *hart hart*

8. Chrono Cross

Probably not as popular as the other games on this list but still a contender nonetheless, Chrono Cross follows the story of a boy named Serge and the supercomputer FATE that is out to kill him. You are also introduced to other intriguing characters like Kid who has traveled through time to save Serge’s life. It’s a real complex plot, but that’s what makes it so interesting!

9. Silent Hill

If I were probably to make a list of the scariest horror video games out there, this would probably always top the list. There’s something about the way this game has been crafted that to this day, it just scares the shit out of me when playing. It’s like, how did I ever get to sleep back then after playing this?!

10. Monster Rancher

If you love Pokemon, then Monster Rancher was probably one of the games you invested some time on when you were younger. This game pretty much followed the same schematic of training and breeding monsters for battle. And while it may seem like some ripoff, it still had its own unique charm and twist to things.

11. Bushido Blade

Who else’s Samurai dreams came true thanks to Bushido Blade? Growing up exposed to anime like Samurai X always left this yearning for us to want to wield a sword once in our lifetime. And while Bushido Blade isn’t real life, it was close. What’s unique about its gameplay is that when you battle, there’s no health bar present. Instead, you depend on a fatal blow to defeat your opponent.

12. Gran Tursimo

Of course this list wasn’t going to end without a race car game. What we love about Gran Turismo is how it showcases a wide variety of cars in its roster. You get to choose from the likes of Toyota, Honda, Dodge, Chevrolet and many many more. At least via video game, we got to drive our dream car right?

13. Dance Dance Revolution

Raise your hand if you had your own dance pad for Dance Dance Revolution at home! This game really set the bar in terms of breaking the fourth wall and getting players involved physically. Pretty sure a lot of kids discovered their passion for dancing through this platform. Well-played, Konami!

14. Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal brings a whole new dimension to playing with cars, as it centers on the idea of vehicular combat. You get to choose from a selection of vehicles that are not only unique in appearance, but are equipped with their own special weaponry which you will be using in battle. My favorite was always the ice cream truck, Sweet Tooth!

15. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skate 2

And last but not the least, every frustrated skater’s virtual solace. Let’s face it, Tony Hawk was pretty much an icon back then. And if our parents wouldn’t grace us with the gift of a skateboard, we had Tony Hawk’s Pro Skate to escape to.

Ahh, those were definitely the good old days. Take us back~

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