13 Reasons Why’s Alisha Boe reveals how she wants Jess to get justice

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13 Reasons Why is officially having a second season and it’ll be released to the pvblic in 2018.

With Season 1’s finale, it’s pretty hard to decipher what happens next with all the unanswered questions. Does Alex Standall die? What happens to Bryce? What does Mr. Porter do with the tapes? Will there be justice for Hannah Baker and Jessica Davis?

So many questions to address in the new season but Alisha Boe revealed to Elite Daily how she wants Jess to get justice.


I hope he gets prosecuted and I would love to see him in jail, juvie of some sort. I would like, beyond Bryce, for Jessica to be able to have the power to prosecute him, to advocate for other women and other girls in the high school to speak up about it hope she becomes more public with it in order to get justice. I just want to see justice for Hannah and Jessica.


Some people wondered why Hannah didn’t just burst out of that closet to stop Bryce from raping Jess, and 13 Reasons Why EP Joy Gorman is telling you why:

You know, Hannah, by the time she is that position, has been so depleted she’s hurting so deeply, she’s already lost her voice and her agency. She’s already been slut shamed. She’s already become a voice that no one respects and that’s part of the great tragedy of that story line is that Hannah did not have the strength in that moment to stand up and so many people don’t.


Joy highlights the fact Hannah had been so beaten down at that point that she felt totally powerless.

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