10 films we’re putting on our watch list after the Oscar nominations

We The Pvblic

The Academy Awards are upon us once again and you’re probably rooting for your favorite flicks to bring home a trophy—or two.

The past year, like those before it, has brought and blurred life and art into the big screen, and it’s almost an annual habit for us to list down those flicks that are under the Oscars radar.

Whether it will be the first time you’re seeing it, or it’s just so damn great of a movie to watch again, here are the films on We The Pvblic’s must-watch Oscar-nominated picks:


Nominated for: Best adapted screenplay

The X-Men are almost extinct, until they discover a new breed of mutants. The film is intensely intimate and primal compared to the numerous X-Men films that came before it—plus it’s R-16!

Blade Runner 2049

Nominated for: Best production design, best cinematography, best original sound mixing, best visual effects

Continuing the narrative of 1982 Hollywood classic, “Blade Runner 2049” creates an even more dysfunctional future that questions more profoundly what it means to be human.


Nominated for: Best picture, best director, best production design, best cinematography, best sound mixing, best original score, best film editing

A story of a seemingly impossible heroic mission to save troops trapped in the beaches of Dunkirk, directed by the phenomenal Christopher Nolan.

Call Me By Your Name

Nominated for: Best picture, best actor, best writing adapted screenplay

This film is more than just a gay romance. It puts gender into perspective, and how art, history, and liberty brings together two people to experience an unforgettable love.

Darkest Hour

Nominated for: Best picture, best actor, best cinematography, best costume design, best makeup, best production design

It explores the true story of Prime Minister William Churchill and the early days of World War II, revealing some of the darkest moments in history going against the unstoppable Nazis.

The Post

Nominated for: Best picture, best actress

The government stopping the press from publishing the truth isn’t new, but history proves that it’s the news you don’t want printed that makes history.

Lady Bird

Nominated for: Best picture, best actress, best supporting actress, best director, best original screenplay

A coming-of-age story of an eccentric teen trying to find her purpose while ironing out her relationship with her mother.

Get Out

Nominated for: Best picture, best director, best original screenplay, best actor

A relationship levels up to the meet-the-parents stage, but along the way you realize this horror film set up a trap just waiting to happen.

The Big Sick

Nominated for: Best original screenplay

A relationship blossoms between Kumail and Emily. The girl tragically falls into a coma, and Kumail develops a heartwarming bond with her parents.


Nominated for: Best cinematography, best supporting actress, best original song, best adapted screenplay

A period drama about two families with two races, where—as the New York Times puts it—black lives matter less than white consciences.

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