10 Adidas NMD pairs that will wake your shoe collecting soul

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Shoe collectors, it’s time to save up and get those kicks on your feet because we’re here to tell you that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.

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NMD is the next step in street style innovation according to Adidas.

These new kicks from Adidas are rocking the market and the streetwear scene thanks to its subtle blend of heritage looks and its overall breakthrough design. It features a full-length boost, giving and returning energy with every step you take.

The upper part is flexible with breathable knit material, complimented by synthetic nubuck and premium leather details. And of course, the 3-Stripes is a staple for every Adidas pair out there.

1. All white? All out style.

2. A perfect blend of black and white.

3. As black as my soul.

4. Who doesn’t love oreos?



addidas26. The “White Rose” NMD is lit

7. The “Icy Blue” NMD colorway is gorgeous all in its own simplicity

8. A rare pair in the NMD world: The “Salmon Pink” colorway has been in and out of stock every now and then, but just you wait and see, you might find a supplier who can deliver with the help of usa2everywhere!

9. The triple black colorway is too nice not to cop

10. Last but not least, the “Vapour Pink” NMD. Stunning.

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