10.5 moments from the One K Concert in Manila that will make the pvblic go ‘Daebak!’

We The Pvblic

In case you missed it, popular K-pop groups and artists has graced the pvblic with their glorious performances last March 2, 2017 at the 2017 One K Global Peace concert in Manila held in Mall of Asia Arena. Psy, SHinee, AOA, BTOB, B1A4 and B.A.P came and performed in benefit of the One K global campaign which aims for Korea’s reunification and yearns for ‘One Korea’.

Yes, it’s been more than a week. But it feels like it was just yesterday when our oppas and unnies were here in the Philippines, breathing the same air as we do.

And for those who wants to reminisce the feels again, here’s 8 moments from the concert that will make you go ‘Daebak!’

*Daebak or 대박 is a popular korean expression that generally means “big win”, “great success” or used to describe something awesome.

1. B.A.P’s Zelo getting several ‘rose pastillas’ which turns out to be a fan project by his FIlipino fans

How cute is this fan interaction!

2. B1A4’s Jinyoung showing off his fan’s wonderful fan art of their group (starting at 0:24)

He then continued to hold his fan art throughout their song “Baby Goodnight”! The fan must be so proud.

3. This guy

Kpop or acads? This guy says “why not both?” because Kpop is life but acads is life-r!

4. BTOB’s Sungjae speaking Bisaya (prepare yourselves for this cute one, starting around 2:48)

“Magkita ta ugma!” meaning Let’s meet tomorrow in Bisaya. Aww! The pvblic

5. Another one from BTOB: unexpected collab stage with Cesar Montano! BTOB’s Hyungsik and Eunkwang, together with Cesar Montano, sang “Anak” by Freddie Aguilar

How would you grade their Tagalog performance? We’d give it 8/10 stars.

5.5 Ooooopps, this is a different kind of “Daebak”…


What are your thoughts about this (now deleted) post by All Access Productions?

6. AOA giving everyone heart attacks during their “Heart Attack” performance

Fell for them yet? Why can’t you when these gorgeous girls are these cute?

7. CN Blue being the cheesiest and even saying “Manila, you’re so sweet like vanilla”

It’s been their nth time in Manila but the boys still can’t stop smiling and be in awe of the crowd. In return, they try to give as fan service as much as they can!

8. SHinee reading their fan’s banners saying “You’re Worth The Wait”

Their Philippine fans booked a block section at the arena for this and it was really worth the wait! This project was even noticed by the korean media!

9. The ultimate ‘Oppa’! Psy making the whole MoA Arena into a huge dance party

The pvblic went all out during his set and sang and danced along to his hits like “Gentleman”, “Daddy” and of course, “Gangnam Style”!

And lastly,

10. The crowd cheering the concert’s slogan: “One Dream, One World, One Korea”

In an effort to seek global support for unification, the One-K Global Campaign Organizing Committee, consisting of 850 domestic NGOs including Action for Korea United (AKU), started the civic-led unification movement One-K Global Campaign in 2015. This campaign aims to reach out to a global scale starting with the Philippines, followed by United States, China, Japan and other nations.

The concert was indeed jampacked and filled with wonderful performances and sweet moments between the artists and the fans who waited for them to come back to Manila. But the pvblic were left not only with these memories to cherish but they also became part of history in the making.

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